AWS Seedfinancing Project

With the financial support of Austria Wirtschaftsservice (AWS), DrainBot has received additional financing for further development of our innovative robotic systems for tunnel drainage maintenance. Our robots are the first…

Future Zone

When robots clean tunnels. DrainBot created an innovative and sustainable way of cleaning tunnel drainage and cutting locking times by using a robotic system.

Zentrum am Berg Opening

The Zentrum am Berg (ZaB) was officially opened by the Montan University Leoben, in the presence of numerous guests of honor and put into operation on October 18th 2021 on the Styrian Erzberg.

Born Global Champion

Every year, the Austrian federal economic chamber selects entrepreneurs, the so called “born globals”, that are incorporating globalisation into their business strategies from the very beginning.

Improving Infrastructure Maintenance through Robotics

While aligning our technology to our core values, we strongly believe that automated, robotic solutions are the way to go for infrastructure maintenance and that they represent not only a tool for revenue and profit optimisation, but also improvement of the environmental impact of infrastructure operation and maintenance.

Digitalisation of Railways

It is evident that the railway industry is not immune to the current technological advances. The so-called fourth industrial revolution or industry 4.0 promises innovation on both the supply and demand side for rail and other transportation companies.

Digitalisation of infrastructure is on the rise

The digital revolution is felt everywhere, and it is fundamentally changing the way business is done. Smart infrastructure allows us to get more from our existing assets by improving the way that we maintain and operate them, enabling us to make better decisions, and to better understand how assets are performing rather than to have the need to build entirely new solutions.

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