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The Railway-News Magazine Issue #1 2022 is here featuring DrainBot

DrainBot is starting the year 2022 with its appearance in the first Railway-News Magazine of the year.

The robot swings the broom in the tunnel

Clean and without traffic jams: The Graz-based start-up DrainBot has developed a robot that mechanically cleans drainage systems in tunnels.

AWS Seedfinancing Project

With the financial support of Austria Wirtschaftsservice (AWS), DrainBot has received additional financing for further development of our innovative robotic systems for tunnel drainage maintenance. Our robots are the first…

Future Zone

When robots clean tunnels. DrainBot created an innovative and sustainable way of cleaning tunnel drainage and cutting locking times by using a robotic system.

Zentrum am Berg Opening

The Zentrum am Berg (ZaB) was officially opened by the Montan University Leoben, in the presence of numerous guests of honor and put into operation on October 18th 2021 on the Styrian Erzberg.

Born Global Champion

Every year, the Austrian federal economic chamber selects entrepreneurs, the so called “born globals”, that are incorporating globalisation into their business strategies from the very beginning.

#GlaubAnDich-Challenge AI & Robotics: Tunnel drainage startup DrainBot wins

DrainBot the new innovative startup company from Graz, Austria, won the first place at the #GlaubAnDich Challenge AI & Robotics in early spring 2021.

DrainBot: Graz startup wants to revolutionize tunnel drainage

The Graz startup DrainBot wants to revolutionize the maintenance of underground roads and railway lines through simplicity and sustainability.

DrainBot: EU expansion funding for Styrian tunnel startup

The Styrian startup DrainBot is subsidized by the EU as part of the “Horizon 2020” program with a “high six-figure funding amount”.

Styrian innovation puts underground trains back on track

Locking times for cleaning and maintenance purposes do not only cost nerves, but also cost the pipe operators huge amounts every year.

DrainBot, Autonomous, Intelligent Tunnel Drainage Maintenance

Gathered around professionals with decades of experience in engineering, innovation and tunnel maintenance, we are making sure to deliver high quality of our products made in Austria and service for tunnel operators across geographies and sectors.
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