The Railway-News Magazine Issue #1 2022 is here featuring DrainBot

DrainBot is starting the year 2022 with its appearance in the first Railway-News Magazine of the year. Railway-News is the leading Rail News and Information portal, providing operators and manufacturers with the latest information globally on the sector and suppliers in the field.

After two full years of pandemic the corona virus measures are slowly being removed globally, step by step. There is one thing we all know for sure, we must learn to live with it, since the virus is here to stay. With this said we are all trying to transition back to normality. Most countries are opening their boarders for tourists again, reduced timetables are slowly being set back to normal, meaning that more services are being offered again and by that passenger numbers as well as traffic are increasing.

DrainBot supports road and rail operators by taking away all the hazards related to drainage maintenance and ensures passengers travels without locking times by improving efficiency and safety of tunnels through intelligent, autonomous tunnel drainage maintenance systems.

Click here to read the first issue of the quarterly Railway-News digital Magazine of 2022.

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